Stéphane Rougier - Expertise Advice in Objects of Art :

“We only see clearly with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes”, the words of Antoine de Saint Exupéry perfectly summarize the work of photographer Amargot.

This winner of the Salon d'Automne, whose quality of graphics cannot be emphasized enough, revisits with a new eye the industrial world of obsolescence, things of the past, sometimes forgotten.
Each of his photographs sublimates with intelligence and subtlety the poetry of the hidden world. Beyond rust and saltpeter, Amargot reveals to us the invisible appearance of a world full of tranquility and dreams.

It is often said that his work is part of the Japanese spirit of Wabi Sabi.


ADAGP - Text by the jury on the work "De rêves en rivages" (From dreams to shores)







"At the edge between the photographer's wink and the detail dreamed of in drawing, this scene calls out, as it questions the origin of a creation, however photographed it may be. The photographed dreams have even led to rendering inhabited materials, yet taken instantly and restored with great subtlety"


Ivan Magot, independent journalist :

From a still life, she creates a living photo. His models? Rusty locomotives, old tractors, bark of all kinds, peeling guardrails…Amargot detects beauty where everyone sees cruel aging, imminent disappearance.
An art that does not hide, to better expose these landscapes, these characters, born from decomposition... which stir the imagination!